Matching Module
Out of the box integration with the WID, CIS-Net, ISWC and advanced IPI integration to ensure you have accurate information from authoritative sources.

Benefits and Features of the Matching Engine

Installed Near You

Azure is available in over 140 countries worldwide – the Matching Engine can be installed in an Azure Data Centre near you​.

Input File Formats

As your data volumes change, the Matching Engine can scale to meet demand. Auto-scaling takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud, while easing management overheads.​


As your data volumes change, the Matching Engine can scale to meet demand. Auto-scaling takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud while easing management overheads.

Multilingual / Multi-Character Set

Multilingual repertoire works databases are supported, as are multi-character sets. Configuration rules and parameters can be adjusted for your language to optimize matching for common strings.

Modern Cloud Architecture

Built on a modern cloud architecture using Microsoft Azure – Storage, application components and integration services are all built on Azure PaaS services supporting auto-scaling and resilience.


The Matching Engine is designed to be cost-effective. You pay for the Matching Engine by month and only for the cloud resources you consume.

Data Ingestion

You can use our high performance Bulk Ingestion Pipeline to feed data into the Matching Engine.​

This highly scalable ingestion and extraction engine manages the processing of batch-based messages and can be configured to provide batch responses.

Setup and Configuration

You have a choice of setup and configuration options. We can provide documentation and training to your IT services team or you can avail of our package service offering to quickly have the Matching Engine set up and configured to work with your data and log files.

Fully Managed

The Matching Engine can be provided as a fully managed service with daily monitoring, regular health checks and full system administration. Alternatively, you can decide to have the Matching Engine managed by your existing IT services team. We provide a full set of configuration, system administration and run book documentation.

Additional Features

Setup Wizard Amico

Look Ahead Scaling

The “look ahead” scaling feature monitors data volumes and data types in the Ingestion Pipeline and automatically pre-scales to meet demand. Scaling and the cost of cloud resources are placed under your control.

Scaling rules can be configured by data source and automatically invoked when the data type is detected in the Ingestion Pipeline.

Memory Storage Amico

Connection to your Repertoire

Connection to on-premise, cloud repertoire and works databases is supported. Azure Data Factory is configured to manage the data extraction and loading to Azure storage for use by the Matching Engine. Azure Data Gateway is installed locally to your existing repertoire database, either on-premise or on your cloud environment and configured to manage the extraction.​

Performance Overview Amico

High Performance

We understand that very high quality performance is needed to process streaming data. The Matching Engine supports horizontal scaling as standard. The design is cloud native and optimized for Azure Service scaling. We have production environments auto-scaling to 30,000 work matches per minute and our tests indicate we can scale to multiples of this.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the Matching Engine and how it can benefit your organization, contact us for a detailed consultation and demo. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information and address any specific questions or requirements you may have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your data matching capabilities with our advanced features and cost-effective solution. Contact us now to get started.