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Currently, our Music SaaS based solution for copyright management organisations, Matching Engine, has three core modules: Matching, Repertoire Management and Modern Ingestion. These modules have been successful and have enabled us to further expand our business internationally. Our Distribution and Members Portal modules are coming soon in early 2022.

Solution Architecture

Modern cloud native application Responsive web-based user interface

Web APIs support real time integration for matching and repertoire management and usage Modules.

Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory batch data processes ensure highly scalable data processing.

Azure Search Index to provide fast response times for user queries and matching. 

Azure SQL databases for core relational data. Cosmos DB for storing complete repertoire database history and usage details

Azure Data Lake provides highly scalable and cost-effective storage for data exchange, batch processes and reporting.  Modern Data Lakehouse architecture.

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Repertoire module allows you to maintain:

  • Musical Works
  • Agreements
  • IP Information (Creators and Publishers)
  • Products


There are several types of Product Supported:

  • Cue Sheet / AV Work
  • Recording
  • Bundle
  • Advertisement 
Benefits and Features of our Repertoire Management Module
Modern Intuitive Web Based Application

Modern intuitive web-based application makes managing repertoire fast and easy to use. Tabbed model makes it easy to work on multiple works at the same time, compare information between works and even keep multiple works, IPs, Agreements and Products visible at the same time.

Multi Territory

Multiple “Regions” (Territories) can be defined enabling you manage repertoire for different territories within the same instance of the system.   Share, Agreement and some header level information such as Work Status, Public Domain etc are territory specific.

Modern Ingestion for Repertoire

Configurable repertoire ingestion locations within Azure Data Lake and visible to end users through Data Ingestion module UI.

CWR/WID/IPI integration

Out of the box support for key data exchange standards including CWR, WID and IPI.

Work to Work matching used to match Intray works ingested through CWR or any other supported repertoire format against repertoire works.

Integrated with core Matching module for repertoire matching and reconciliation 

Over 50 configurable rules that can be customised by source control the matching and work reconciliation process.

Cloud Native

Fully Cloud native responsive application enables you to manage repertoire wherever you are, on any device. 

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