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Azure Cosmos DB in the Music Industry

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service.

With a click of a button, Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide.

The following are some attributes of Azure Cosmos DB that make it well-suited for high-performance applications with global ambition.

  • Azure Cosmos DB natively partitions your data for high availability and scalability. Azure Cosmos DB offers 99.99% guarantees for availability, throughput, low latency, and consistency on all single-region accounts and all multi-region accounts with relaxed consistency, and 99.999% read availability on all multi-region database accounts.
  • Azure Cosmos DB has SSD backed storage with low-latency order-of-millisecond response times.
  • Azure Cosmos DB’s support for consistency levels like eventual, consistent prefix, session, and bounded-staleness allows for full flexibility and low cost-to-performance ratio. No database service offers as much flexibility as Azure Cosmos DB in levels consistency.
  • Azure Cosmos DB has a flexible data-friendly pricing model that meters storage and throughput independently.
  • Azure Cosmos DB’s reserved throughput model allows you to think in terms of number of reads/writes instead of CPU/memory/IOPs of the underlying hardware.
  • Azure Cosmos DB’s design lets you scale to massive request volumes in the order of trillions of requests per day.

Azure Cosmos Db
Azure Cosmos Db

Global distribution, elastic horizontal scalability, and multi-model and schema-agnostic database engine are all central to Azure Cosmos DB’s design. As a cloud-born multi-tenant database system, Azure Cosmos DB’s design interleaves resource governance across its entire stack. The system is designed from the ground up to offer global distribution of data, multiple well-defined consistency levels, ability to elastically scale throughput across geographical regions, and comprehensive SLAs encompassing throughput, consistency, latency, and availability to all its customers.

In our upcoming webinar on the 14th of November, we’ll cover how customers that are switching to modern cloud-based platforms are improving scalability, productivity and business outcomes by unlocking insights with Azure Cosmos DB.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  2. Key Benefits of implementing Azure Cosmos DB
  3. An overview of the key challenges enterprises face with big data
  4. Globally distributed operational analytics and AI with natively built-in Apache Spark
  5. A use case talk by Spanish Point and their implementation of Azure Cosmos DB