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Improved Reporting for CMOs

Our Matching Engine solution has a sophisticated reporting tool capable of generating reports and analysis on previous distributions by pool. Enabling your Finance team to forecast future payments more accurately per member.

The core Matching Engine framework includes out-of-the-box integration with Azure Databricks for report development and delivery. IT users can create new Databricks report notebooks that can include defined parameters and dashboards and can publish these reports to the Matching Engine where end users can run the reports directly through the Matching Engine UI. In addition, regular reports can be scheduled to be run automatically and the generated reports can be viewed from within the Matching Engine UI.

Databricks provides various reporting tools, including Databricks Visualizations, which allows you to create charts and graphs, and Databricks Notebooks, which enables you to create interactive reports.

Azure Databricks is a cloud-based collaborative data analytics platform that is optimized for Microsoft Azure. It is built on top of Apache Spark, which is an open-source data processing engine that can handle large-scale data processing tasks with speed and efficiency. Azure Databricks offers a range of tools for data processing, analysis, and machine learning, and it enables users to work with large datasets in a collaborative environment.


Databricks has validated integrations with your favourite BI tools, including Power BI, and others, allowing you to work with data through Databricks clusters and SQL warehouses, in many cases with low-code and no-code experiences.

Overall, Databricks provides a powerful platform for reporting that allows you to process, analyze, and report on large datasets with ease. You can create high-quality reports that provide valuable insights to your stakeholders.

The Matching Engine is an enterprise business system for Copyright Management organizations. It incorporates the key business functions of these organizations. It is a fully cloud native solution including modules to support Repertoire Management, Data Ingestion, Usage, Distribution and Membership Services.

It uses the latest cloud technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide intelligent automation, greater insights and instant access across your organisation. Built in connectors for key data sources and industry partners joins your internal systems with your stake holders.