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IPI (Interested Parties Information)

The purpose of the Interested Party Information (IPI) system is the globally unique identification of a natural person or legal entity with an interest in an artistic work across all categories of works, different roles in relation to a work (composer, arranger, publisher, etc.) and the corresponding rights in a work.  This system is an essential component of the data exchange mechanism linking the CISAC member societies.

IPI codes are connected with International Standard Musical Work Codes (ISWC). For example, one of the songs called Ernie, which has an International Standard Musical Work Code number of ISWC T-010.171.314-7, has just one interested party, that of Benny Hill whose IPI number is 00014107338. This IPI number can then be used to find all other works by him.

Our Music industry solution uses out of the box integration with the WID, CIS-Net, ISWC and advanced IPI integration to ensure accurate information is provided from authoritative sources. A recent example of this has been in the work carried out for CISAC on ISWC data quality improvements.  Our experience and expertise at the technical and domain knowledge level will enable us to assist other CMO’s in this area.

What’s next?

Join our upcoming Webinar: Interested Parties Information (IPI) and how to manage it – November 10th

What we’ll cover:

  1. Introduction to Interested Parties Information (IPI)
  2. Key Benefits of our Music industry solution
  3. Find out how Spanish Point are helping music organisations improve their data quality through a modern, data analysis-driven approach
  4. A use case talk by Spanish Point and their integration with the WID, CIS-Net, ISWC and IPI