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Membership Management for Copyright Management Organizations

The Matching Engine stands as an integral enterprise business system designed specifically for Copyright Management Organizations, seamlessly integrating essential business functions. This fully cloud-native solution embraces modules dedicated to Repertoire Management, Data Ingestion, Usage, Distribution, and Membership Services.

Leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, The Matching Engine pioneers intelligent automation, delivering heightened insights and instantaneous access throughout your organization. With built-in connectors for pivotal data sources and industry partners, this system bridges the gap between your internal systems and external stakeholders, fostering a more interconnected and efficient copyright management ecosystem.

Dynamics 365 and the PowerApps portal is used to build a modern membership management and engagement platform. It includes a wealth of out of the box features to automate and streamline the membership management function within the societies. 

Our solution makes extensive use of the automated workflow within Dynamics 365 and the workflow engine within the Matching Engine to automate many tasks that previously required manual intervention. This coupled with the data integration in the system means that tasks are automated and data linkage is easily visible.

For example, a membership application form submitted by the online portal will start an automated workflow in Dynamics 365. During a design stage we can agree specific membership eligibility rules that the workflow will automatically apply. Also, the portal will direct potential members to relevant community content on the portal that explains the process and eligibility criteria. The applicant will be encouraged to check their membership status on the portal which will be updated by the Dynamics 365 workflow.

Automating data and creating workflows offers significant opportunities for CMOs to reduce costs.

Transform your Membership Management with Spanish Point’s SMART Approach

With over 15 years of experience in developing solutions for membership management organisations, Spanish Point has built a modern membership management and database software, SMART Membership Management,  that includes a wealth of out of the box features to automate and streamline the membership management function within an organisation.

Our proven SMART Membership Management template and our design methodology can help you reduce admin costs, save time through automation and earn more by up selling their own self-service portal.