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Neighbouring rights for performers reached €880 million in 2022, as reported by SCAPR

In 2022, SCAPR’s CMOs distributed €644 million to over 487,000 performers, representing a slight decrease (-2%) compared to 2021 due to exceptionally high catch-up payments made to performers inthe previous year. However, SCAPR members paid out to 11% more performers than in 2021.

In 2022, the total performers’ rights collected by SCAPR’s members reached €880 million, marking a significant 10% increase compared to 2021 and a return to pre-COVID levels (+3.6% compared to 2019).
The collection of Public Performance rights, which involves playing recorded productions in public places, became the largest source of remuneration for the SCAPR community in 2022, totaling €237 million. This represented a remarkable 39% increase compared to 2021 and accounted for 27% of all collections. This type of right not only rebounded to its pre-COVID levels but even exceeded them (+4% compared to 2019).

Members’ CMOs further strengthened their collaboration by signing 19 new representation agreements, bringing the total to 796. These agreements facilitated international financial exchanges amounting
to €178 million, maintaining stability compared to the previous year. Given the catch-up payments of 2021, this stability indicated a significant increase in international transfers for several CMOs. Moreover, 28% of the financial exchange were achieved thanks to the use of SCAPR information systems.

Source: SCAPR