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IAFAR Neighbouring Rights Conference 2022

This year IAFAR are hosting the world’s first ever conference dedicated to Neighbouring Rights. Welcoming musicians, managers, lawyers, accountants and rights holders alike. The two day event took place simultaneously in the UK, US and online through a unique live stream experience.

Neighbouring Rights
IAFAR, 2022

Neighbouring Rights is a widely misunderstood and misrepresented income stream. IAFAR hosted this conference to dispel some of the abounding myths and falsehoods, while simultaneously encouraging those who benefit from this income stream to support the work IAFAR is doing. Creating transparency, continuity, education and understanding on a global scale.

The speaker panel was made up of a wide range of industry representatives professionals who provided a balanced view of how Neighbouring Rights affects the music industry and where it sits in the music industry. IAFAR gathered the most knowledgeable experts together to make this conference the most dynamic discussion of Neighbouring Rights to date.

The importance of metadata was the session that kickstarted the conference, with speakers Gebre Waddell, Deborah Fairchild and Abby North sharing their industry expertise with decades of knowledge between them. The session highlighted the importance of getting all the recording metadata in order for you to be paid correctly for your neighbouring rights income.

Day two at the IAFAR conference was kickstarted with 1 to 1 sessions with industry experts on the IAFAR Board such as Naomi Asher, Tania Oliveria and Stacy Haber. The session allowed attendees to ask specific questions regarding Neighbouring rights and maximize your earnings.

The royalties landscape has been a confusing space for the longest time. The complexity and jargon are not easily translatable, even for those working in the industry.

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