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Reduced Cost of Capital for CMOs

The Matching Engine solution drives down costs through automation using workflows and automated data input through integration with 3rd party data sources.

Improving data quality will lead to reduced administrative costs. Spanish Point has a track record in helping music organisations improve their data quality through a modern, data analysis driven approach.  A recent example of this has been in the work carried out for CISAC on ISWC data quality improvements. Our experience and expertise at the technical and domain knowledge level will enable us to assist society members in this area.

Automating data input offers significant opportunities for CMOs to reduce costs. Our modern ingestion module allows for automatic ingestion, matching and posting of inbound work registrations in a variety of standard formats. This “straight through processing” is a key feature of the Matching Engine and is driven by our out-of-the-box integration and modern cloud technologies.

Our solution makes extensive use of the automated workflow within the Matching Engine to automate many tasks that previously required manual intervention. This coupled with the data integration in the system means that tasks are automated and data linkage is easily visible.

Data asset monetization

The Matching Engine includes sophisticate modern cloud-based data management tools. These include Cosmos DB, Data Bricks and Azure data lake. The high-volume high auto match rate can add significant value to your usage and works information. More data, better data and better data management and analysis tools will offer CMOs opportunities to drive down costs and gain value from their data.

Matching Engine Product

The Matching Engine is an enterprise business system for Copyright Management organizations. It incorporates the key business functions of these organizations. It is a fully cloud native solution including modules to support Repertoire Management, Data Ingestion, Usage, Distribution and Membership Services.

It uses the latest cloud technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide intelligent automation, greater insights and instant access across your organisation. Built in connectors for key data sources and industry partners joins your internal systems with your stake holders.

Talk to the music matching team to discuss how the highly dynamic Matching Engine can support your systems as new industry developments arise.